Mission - Vision


Gazi University is an organization that will educate and direct the society in the manner that is in compliance with the changing and developing world standards and that has adopted the training of intellectual educational staff as a task to itself.  As required by this task, Gazi University has adopted as a mission to search for knowledge, produce it, and transform it into life through sharing with the researching, questioning, and analyzing point of thinking that lies under its foundation. Gazi University Secretariat General and the subsidiary units assume the weighted load in the realization of this mission, in the conversion of the university into a mechanism that is open for development and that is productive, strong, and reliable, by carrying out the bureaucratic administrative services and provides support to this mechanism, and has the objective of creating an administration that is transparent, innovative, and sharing.


Our vision is to develop its corporate culture, have its identity adopted, and to create a modern and effective structure in order to be a spearheading university by tracking the development of the educational processes throughout the world and by fulfilling the country’s requirements combining them with such developments.


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